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Russian checkers is a variant of checkers game

The game board has 8x8 dark and light fields. Only dark fields are used for the game. Initially one player has 12 white ordinary pieces (men), the other has 12 black men. The white side moves first.

A man moves to the next vacant field left-forward or right-forward. If it reaches last row it turns to the king. The king can move diagonally in any direction to any count of fields if the path is free from pieces.

If the next field is occupied by opposite piece and the field behind it is vacant the man must jump to the vacant field and capture the piece. If in the new position it can capture another piece it must continue capturing. The king can capture pieces to any count of fields. Captured pieces move out off the board after the end of move. No piece can be captured twice. Capturing is mandatory, but if there are several variants the player can choose any valid one.

The player wins if the opposite side has not pieces or no piece can move. If both players have kings and nobody can capture an opposite piece or turn his piece to king the draw is declared: usually after 5 moves for 3-piece positions, after 15 moves for kings-only positions or after the players have the same position 3 times.